Hey, I'm Joey

Just a normal guy, trying to make a difference in the world for the better. Improving lives with the tools & experience that I have. Impacting people in a good way the best way possible. Of course all of this with an 80s influence.

What I Do

I design & develop websites. Merging the two disciplines so that I can better help my friends(clients) to best present themselves digitally. Growing my knowledge of each area so that I can solve problems in different ways. Being criticed is tough but it also helps growth and with that I welcome you to hit me up on any of my contact options.

How My Past Career Helps

With more than 15 years of Information Technology Support it allows me to prioritize tasks at a high level. Built an excellent customer service behavior. Being organized so that I can flexibile with my schedule. It comes down to learning all these things in order to put what matters most and that is the relationship between myself and the customer in a way that allows the customer to know they can trust I will do my best in solving the issue they had with the attention to detail needed and the most effeciency time frame possible.