Yo! Glad you stopped by to check out my work. I hope you enjoyed what you saw. So lets take a quick peek at what drives me, the skills I use and where I want to go. If you can't tell from the style of the site, I'm a huge 80s fan. That goes for music, movies, cartoons, clothes, all of it. It is a major influence on my designs. But I'm not limited to sticking with 80s themes. I like minimal and modern styles equally as much as 80s stylings.

After leaving high school and college with art on the mind and not finding any mentors or current information available in the late 90s, I put those dreams on hold to support my family and went into a career with computers. Information Technology Support in fact. It came natural to me. Solving electronic software/hardware problems and getting paid for it. in 2014 I decided to shut down that career and get back to what I loved. Design. This time, I wanted to design with computers. So I started learning how to develop websites and bringing my designs to life.

Now that I have been designing & developing websites for a few years, I'd like to continue to refine and grow within this career/community. I'm totally down to work with you. Just hit me up with an email or any of my social accounts in the footer.